At God’s Gift Ministry we believe that everyone needs to eat and they need to eat every single day. If you’re hungry, your ability to make good decisions for yourself isn’t very good, right? There are lots of ways that you can help homeless people get food. For us at God’s Gift Ministry, we provide warm meals to our homeless community members every Tuesday evening.

Also, we provide

Winter and weather gear (such as hats, mittens, coats, and boots). New underwear and socks. Small hygiene items (like the type of items you get at hotels, small containers of toothpaste, famine hygiene products etc.). Professional clothing (a hurdle to overcoming homelessness is looking presentable at job interviews). First aid items (such as Neosporin, Band-Aids, antibacterial and hand sanitizers). Secondary medical items (such as sunscreen, heavy duty lotions like Bag Balm, allergy medication and tissues. Money for Bus passes (great for helping them get to job interviews.

We Collect recyclables (like soda cans) and regularly give them to a homeless person. This person can then get the money for the recyclables. This can be an important source of income for many homeless people.

Also, if we see someone who is clearly having a serious problem, we call emergency services. If we see someone who is clearly having a psychotic episode, we call the Emergency Services. If we see someone who may be a danger to themselves or others, we call for help also. If someone is in danger because of weather conditions or seems likely to commit suicide, we call Emergency Services also. In doing this, the church is the the eyes and ears of lots of our homeless community members.

We ask questions of how they became homeless. This usually lead to an understanding of what we need to do to stop the problem. It also helps them bond to us and they are then more willing to allow us to help. We Find out if they have family or friends who can help. Often they do but are uncomfortable asking for help or do not know how to find their family. We give them direction on how to do that.